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T. Ott, Thomas Ott, Frank Swiaczny

Time-integrative Geographic Information Systems - Management and Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Data

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ISBN: 3540410163
Издательство: Springer Verlag
Time has always been a fascinating dimension of human existence. It is also an aspect in the field of geographic information science that today is getting more attention than ever before. Although the concept of storing unique attribute information linked to objects within a GIS is fundamental, adding the time element raises some intriguing questions and presents new difficulties. Time adds process to pattern and the inclusion of temporal aspects within a GIS opens new perspectives. It is definitely one of the most exciting prospects that lies ahead in this field. The book deals with the integration of temporal information in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The main purpose of a temporal or time-integrative GIS is to reproduce spatio-temporal processes or sequences of events of the realworld in a model in such a way as to make them accessible for spatial query, analysis and visualisation. The volume reflects theoretical thoughts on the interrelations of space and time and...