Обложка книги Unicenter TNG for Dummies (with CD-ROM)

Unicenter TNG for Dummies (with CD-ROM)

ISBN: 0764506951; 9780764506956;
Издательство: For Dummies
Страниц: 402

Unicenter TNG Framework 2.2 on CD–ROM Packed with real–world insights from Unicenter TNG customers Harness the power of enterprise systems management for your organization Unicenter TNG makes it easy to monitor and manage the diverse IT resources in your organization. Unfortunately, the learning curve is kind of steep – which is why you need this friendly guide. Writing with a dash of humor and plenty of real–world examples, Sandy Sampson demystifies enterprise systems management – and leads you step–by–step to a successful TNG implementation. all this on the bonus CD–ROM Unicenter TNG Framework 2.2 from Computer Associates, including: 2–D and 3–D managed resource views An anti–virus tool Calendars for defining date– and time–based policies PC running Windows NT 4.0 (Pentium 120 processor or higher), Solaris 2.5/2.51, or HP–UX 10.20 (required free nodes for Solaris and HP–UX: 15, 150); 64MB RAM; 220 MB disk space; 4x CD–ROM drive; TCP/IP Discover how to:...