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Bhavani Thuraisingham

Web Data Management and Electronic Commerce

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ISBN: 0849322049
Издательство: CRC Press
Effective electronic commerce requires integrating resources and extracting the critical information from across Web sites. From the recent efforts to develop tools for interoperability and warehousing between scattered information on the web emerged thenew discipline of web data management, and this book, Web Data Management and Electronic Commerce.The first of its kind, it combines data management and mining, object technology, electronic commerce, Java, and the Internet into a complete overview of the concepts and developments in this new field. It details technologies in security, multimedia data management techniques, and real-time processing and discusses the emerging standards of Java Database Connectivity, XML, metadata, and middleware. A simpleWeb site isn't good enough anymoreTo remain competitive, you need Internet capabilities that allow you and your customers to buy, sell, and advertise. Even if you are unfamiliar with e-commerce, this self-contained volume provides the...