Обложка книги Practical Oracle 8i: Building Efficient Databases

Practical Oracle 8i: Building Efficient Databases

ISBN: 0201715848;
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional
Страниц: 672

What is really involved in building effective Oracle database systems, and how do you approach the endeavor in a way that increases your chances for success? Practical Oracle8i™ offers a real-life approach to constructing Oracle databases--one that is geared toward solving important business problems. This book will help you devise appropriate strategies for database design that takes into account Oracle's technical underpinnings, hardware and user limitations, and tradeoffs between simplicity and efficiency. It discusses selecting the Oracle features needed to perform specific functions and demonstrates how to structure code most effectively for the features being implemented. Practical Oracle8i™ presents an overview of Oracle that clearly explains the central functions that are key to Oracle's operation. In addition, the book presents the fundamentals of the system, covering the way in which data is stored, packed, and made visible, as well...