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Stephan Kudyba

Managing Data Mining: Advice from Experts (IT Solutions series)

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ISBN: 1591402433
Издательство: Cybertech Publishing
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 250
Book DescriptionManaging Data Mining: Advice from Experts is a collection of leading business applications in the data mining and multivariate modeling spectrum provided by experts in the field at leading US corporations. Each contributor provides valuedinsights as to the importance quantitative modeling provides in helping their corresponding organizations manage risk, increase productivity and drive profits in the market in which they operate. Additionally, the expert contributors address other important areas which are involved in the utilization of data mining and multivariate modeling that include various aspects in the data management spectrum (e.g. data collection, cleansing and general organization). (This book is a release under the IT Solution Series.) Foreword by Dr. Jim Goodnight, SAS, Inc., USA Selected contributions from: Citigroup Blue Cross Blue Shield Chubb Insurance American Healthways Nielsen//NetRatings