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Mark A. Williams

Pro .NET Oracle Programming

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ISBN: 1590594258
Издательство: Apress
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 472
This book never loses sight of its instructional mission: to effectively utilize the Oracle database from the .NET environment. Though Visual Studio and Oracle form a popular and powerful duo, there is a noticeable lack of written material in this area. The result: projects that often turn out with less-than-optimal solutions, due to lack of "synergy" between the application developer and the database. The primary code in the book will be C#, but the code download will also be available in VB.NET(with an appendix describing terms of use). Hence, this book provides a one-stop reference for any VS.NET programmer using Oracle. The author maintains solid focus on databases&emdash;emphasizing the use of specific features from a Visual Studio application. The text also includes crucial aspects of developing Oracle-based applications. Assumably, you are already comfortable with the VS.NET environment, and with the aid of this book, you will come to work effectively with the Oracle...