Обложка книги The Business Case for Storage Networks (Network Business)

The Business Case for Storage Networks (Network Business)

ISBN: 1587201186;
Издательство: Cisco Press
Страниц: 264

Understand the business case for storage networks and lower your total cost of ownership with this comprehensive guide Introduces the benefits of storage networks, providing a comprehensive business case for the adoption anddeployment of storage networking solutions Provides a complete overview of the TCO methodology for storage networks Summarizes the EVA, NPV, and ROI metrics used to evaluate projects, ensuring their financial success Outlines the best practices for executing a storage migration strategy Includes a TCO calculator and decision-making checklist that you can use to assess your decision When adopting a storage networking solution, you need to understand the businesscase for your decision. Yet this process is fraught with many business and technical considerations. How will the adoption of a storage networking solution affect your current infrastructure? How will your IT team grapple with the addition of a new...