Обложка книги 3ds max 7 New Features and Production Workflow

3ds max 7 New Features and Production Workflow

ISBN: 0240807758;
Издательство: Focal Press
Страниц: 352

Book DescriptionWelcome to the Discreet® Official Training Courseware for 3ds max 7® software! Consider this book an all-access pass to the production and teaching experience of Discreets training experts. The lessons in the manual cover not only the new features found in 3ds max 7, but also their integration into the overall production workflow of using 3ds max. The training is designed for 3ds max users who want to enhance their skills, get familiar with new features, and quickly master how to utilize them. How you work through the tutorials is up to you. This unique two-in-one package contains: Training DVD-ROM with animated modules in AVI format. An instructor demonstrates each step. A book that clearly documents each tutorial. Contents: Modeling, Materials, Inverse Kinematics/Scripting, Animation, Lighting, Rendering, and Compositing Learn from the production and training expertise of Discreet Courseware Developers, Training...