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Steve Schwartz

Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro : Visual QuickProject Guide (Visual Quickproject Series)

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ISBN: 0321321219, 5-477-00458-4
Издательство: Peachpit Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 160
The problem: Your boss has demanded a database, and you don't know how to create one. It doesn't matter that it's just a simple one (for tracking invoices, inventory, and contacts), or that flexible, powerful software (FileMaker Pro 7) has already been purchased. If you've never created a database before, the task can be daunting. The solution: This low-priced, compact guide! Recognizing that you don't necessarily want or need to know about every FileMaker Pro 7 feature, this focused, four-color volume demonstrates the quickest route to creating a functional, organized database-nothing more and certainly nothing less. Using large color illustrations and a minimum of verbiage, it provides the basics you need to get going without bogging you down with detailed explanations of all of FileMaker's intricacies. It also serves as the perfect jumping-off point for more extensive database exploration-for example, through FileMaker Pro...