Обложка книги Homeland Security Techniques and Technologies (Networking Series)

Homeland Security Techniques and Technologies (Networking Series)

ISBN: 1584503289;
Издательство: Charles River Media

The strategic use of network-centric software for data aggregation, integration, collaboration, categorization, and pattern-recognition by homeland security personnel at the local, state, and federal level is essential in combating terrorism in the 21st century. With the use of an assortment of software components, self-adaptive intelligent systems can be created for real-time use by a network of analysts. Homeland Security Techniques and Technologies provides important tips and tools necessary for achieving security that is both proper and functional. The book illustrates several key topics required in successful combating terrorism e.g., data warehousing techniques for behavioral profiling and entity validation to prevent identity theft; artificial intelligence and the Internet for the creation of virtual databases of images, html files, and e-mails; aggregating, preparing, and mining data remotely over networks anywhere in the world; and the visual mapping of connecting and...

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