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N. J. I. Mars, N.J.I. Mars, International Conference on Building and Sharing Very Large-Scale Know

Towards Very Large Knowledge Bases: Knowledge Building & Knowledge Sharing 1995

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ISBN: 9051992173
Издательство: Ios Pr Inc
This book presents progress on Building and Sharing Very Large-Scale Knowledge Bases. Progress made so fare: two large-scale projects, EDR and CYC, which have almost been completed; their results await commercial exploitation. In specific scientific domains, progress has been even more formidable: in molecular biology, for instance, large knowledge bases have become (part of the) essential tools for researchers in that domain, as reported in this volume. Another development is the attention being paid tostructuring large knowledge bases. The use of a carefully developed set of concepts, called an ontology, is becoming almost standard practice. These developments are also presented in the book. Towards Very Large Knowledge Bases is a guide to the current state of the art in building and sharing very large knowledge bases, and intended as a catalyst to future research, development and applications.
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