Обложка книги Mastering Oracle SQL, 2nd Edition

Mastering Oracle SQL, 2nd Edition


ISBN: 0596006322; 9780596006327;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Страниц: 492

Updated to cover Oracle 10g, this edition of the highly regarded Mastering Oracle SQL has a stronger focus on technique and on Oracle's implementation of SQL than any other book on the market. It covers Oracle's vast library of built-in functions,the full range of Oracle SQL query-writing features, regular expression support, new aggregate and analytic functions, subqueries in the SELECT and WITH clauses, multiset union operators, enhanced support for hierarchical queries: leaf and loop detection, and the CONNECT_BY_ROOT operator, new partitioning methods, and the native XML datatype, XMLType. Mastering Oracle SQL , 2nd Edition fills the gap between the sometimes spotty vendor documentation and other books on SQL that just don't explore the full depth of what is possible with Oracle SQL. For those who want to harness the untapped (and often overlooked) power of Oracle SQL, this essential guide for putting Oracle SQL to work will prove invaluable.