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Linchi Shea

Real World SQL Server Administration with Perl

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ISBN: 159059097X
Издательство: APRS
Real World SQL Server Administration with Perl is written with the goal of super-charging your SQL Server administration skills with Perl scripting, taking you to the next level of SQL Server administration. Through a broad range of scenarios, this book shows you how to write Perl scripts (often in combination with T-SQL scripting) to solve a wide variety of SQL Server administration problems. This unique book will provide you with the techniques to conquer real-world problems that frequently trouble DBAs. You will take away at least two things from reading this book: a DBA toolkit complete with over 150 Perl scripts, and problem-solving techniques perfect for attacking additional SQL Server administrative challenges. Many of the sample problems are described in SQL Server 7 or 2000 context, but in reality, the examples aren't version specific&emdash;all the Perl scripts are open and may be adapted to work with any version of SQL Server.