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SQL Server 2000 XML Distilled

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ISBN: 1590591917;
Издательство: APress

XML is one of a family of web standards for data description, validation, manipulation, and interchange. It enables the construction of application-specific data languages, which can be handled by generic tools. Its other main benefits are its platform independence, self-describing structure, and human readability. All the big relational database vendors are adding XML support to their databases n and their confidence in XML as a maturing data standard is strengthening. Microsoft's commitment to XMLextends beyond the database to include application and presentation layers, particularly in .NET. The nascent field of web services will depend on the effective interface between relational databases and the XML messages that link them. SQL Server 2000 XML Distilled is for you if: You are an experienced SQL Server professional (a DBA or data-tier developer) with a knowledge of the basics of XML who is being asked either to present relational data in an XML format, or to store XML data...