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Sean Kelly

Data Warehousing : The Route to Mass Communication

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ISBN: 0471963283
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Data warehousing is about transforming the data which an organization possesses and turning it into information of strategic significance. Data Warehousing explores the most pressing issue in business today ? the means to improve strategic decision making. Data Warehousing represents a map for a new way of looking at data and information. Data exists in abundance but it is often unusable to support decision making because it is unstructured, unintegrated, aged or polluted. explores the issue whether to build a full enterprise data warehouse, or whether to go for a scaled down "data mart" updated to include the latest developments, acronyms, and techniques compares and contrasts relational and multidimensional databases evaluates the use of data warehousing to support operational processing reports on innovative designs for optimal performance of relational databases for a "query intensive" world analyzes artificial intelligence data mining tools examines...
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