Обложка книги Distributed Shared Memory : Concepts and Systems

Distributed Shared Memory : Concepts and Systems

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ISBN: 0818677376; 9780818677373;
Издательство: Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr

The papers presents in this text survey both distributed shared memory (DSM) efforts and commercial DSM systems. The book discusses relevant issues that make the concept of DSM one of the most attractive approaches for building large-scale, high-performance multiprocessor systems. The authors provide a general introduction to the DSM field as well as a broad survey of the basic DSM concepts, mechanisms, design issues, and systems. The book concentrates on basic DSM algorithms, their enhancements, and their performance evaluation. In addition, it details implementations that employ DSM solutions at the software and the hardware level. This guide is a research and development reference that provides state-of-the art information that will be useful toarchitects, designers, and programmers of DSM systems.