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Gheorghe Paun, Arto Salomaa

Grammatical Models of Multi-Agent Systems (Topics in Computer Mathematics)

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ISBN: 9056991779
Издательство: T&F STM
Containing contributions from both theoretical computer scientists and people working in areas where multi-agent architectures are involved (artificial intelligence, artificial life, linguistics, managing complex systems), this book presents both theoretical developments and applications of grammar systems of various types (cooperating distributed grammar systems, eco-grammar). A survey of notions and results in grammar system theory is included. This book, the first one of its type, is of interest toresearchers faced with complex systems which can be approached at a "syntactic" level (as symbol manipulating systems), as a distributed structure, as well as for computer scientists and mathematicians interested in grammar systems theory, who can find here both basic references, recent developments and suggestions for further research and applications.