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Tony Redmond

Microsoft Exchange Server V5.5: Planning, Design and Implementation

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ISBN: 1555582133, 9781555582135
Издательство: Digital Press
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 808
Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5: Planning, Design and Implementation describes the best practices used during the planning, design, and implementation phases of projects to deploy Microsoft Exchange Server. It incorporates the author's general expertise gained from 16 years working with corporate messaging systems as well as experience gained from enterprise-level projects around the world, including Digital's own deployment of 55,000 Exchange clients across 160 servers. The new functionality of Exchange V5.5 is covered, but the real values lies in the pragmatic and practical attitude taken to solving the problems posed by large-scale implementations of any messaging system. This book shows system designers, implementation teams, and e-mail administrators what Exchange V5.5 is capable of and where it needs human assistance to succeed. Covers Exchange 5.5 SP1 and advanced security and message journaling Describes best practice used during the planning, design and...