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Paolo Remagnino, Graeme A. Jones, Nikos Paragios, Carlo S. Regazzoni

Video-Based Surveillance Systems: Computer Vision and Distributed Processing

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ISBN: 0792376323
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
The latest generation of visual surveillance systems have adopted recent technological developments in acquisition and communications. These advances have not so much changed the nature of surveillance as extended its reach and reliability. Fundamentally, systems remain relatively unintelligent with human operators remaining central to the threat assessment and response planning procedures found in CCTV installations. Nonetheless, the availability of high-performance computing platforms will ensure that cycle-hungry intellectual property gestating in academic and industrial research programs will have a major impact on the next generation of products. Video-Based Surveillance Systems: Computer Vision and Distributed Processing, surveys works in progress in laboratories from around the world. The first part of the book present the most recent trends in the industrial world including real-time systems for monitoring of indoor and outdoor environments, society infrastructures such as...
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