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Anita Croy

National Geographic Countries of the World: Peru (Countries of the World)

Обложка книги National Geographic Countries of the World: Peru (Countries of the World)

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ISBN: 142630031X
Издательство: National Geographic Children's Books
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 64
Let the experts at National Geographic act as your guides to Peru, land of stunning beauty and endless contrast. Look and learn in wonder at the diversity of landscape within this surprising country: barren deserts, green oases, snowcapped peaks, high windswept plateaus, and deep valleys. Encounter the endless array of fauna and flora that thrives within these ecologically and climatically diverse regions: the animals and plants of the coastal regions, the offshore islands, the coastal plains, and the sierra. Learn of the country's rich yet divisive history; how Peru was once the center of a powerful and extensive empire ruled by the Inca. Peer over the shoulders of experts on Peruvian archaeological sites and examine the treasures that yield the secrets of the Inca, one of history's most advanced civilizations. Learn how the Spanish conquered Peru in the 16th century, coveting its rich resources of precious metals, and how centuries of colonization would later leave a...