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Oracle 10g Data Warehousing

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ISBN: 1555583229; 978-1555583224;
Издательство: Digital Press
Страниц: 872

Oracle 10g Data Warehousing is a comprehensive guide to building a Data Warehouse using the very latest release of the Oracle database. Written by a member of the Oracle development team, who was actually involved in the design and implementation of someof these features, and by an experienced consultant with practical ‘real world’ experience of building data warehouses, this book provides both a technical and practical perspective on the subject. We provide step-by-step techniques with a lot of examples, using many of the new features in this major and significant Oracle release. In addition to the updates to the previous book, this book includes new material on the cutting-edge features in Oracle such as Real Application Clusters, Automatic Storage Management, Data Guard, Change Data Capture, Data Pump and new performance tuning features such as SQL Tuning Advisor and SQL.