Обложка книги Your Library Goes Virtual

Your Library Goes Virtual

ISBN: 1586832190;
Издательство: Linworth Publishing
Страниц: 120

Learn how to develop a commanding virtual presence for your school library! A·Make your library Web page meaningful, instructive, attractive, and helpful, making it a learning tool for the entire school! A·Develop your virtual library presence to increase student online learning and interaction with valuable resources A·Create interactive online library communities with information on catalogs, databases, Web sites, eBooks, and more This step-by-step guide is essential for both those exploring the concept of virtual school libraries and for those who want to enhance and expand theirs. It summarizes the latest information about student and teacher use of electronic resources and addresses the concept of virtual school libraries in the context of program administration, information access and delivery, and learning and teaching. This must-have resource will serve as a guide to developing virtual school libraries that become enriching and useful presences within schools and...