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Klaus Schmeh

Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure on the Internet

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ISBN: 047084745X, 9780470847459
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure on the Internet provides a thorough overview of the subject. It explains how susceptible networks are to hacking and how cryptography can help. This comprehensive and practical guide covers: Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs); important when using cryptography in a large organisation, the difference between the SSL protocol and the IPSec standard, integration of cryptography into the different OSI-layers, and how to decide whether hardware or software solutions are the right means to achieve this. The book also includes sections on:: standardisation authentication elliptic curve cryptography chip cards algorithm modes and protocols - including SSL, TLS, IPSec, SMIME and PGP protocols cryptography's connection with biometry (using biological characteristics for authentication purposes). Cryptography and Public...