Обложка книги Secure Messaging with PGP and S/MIME

Secure Messaging with PGP and S/MIME

ISBN: 158053161X;
Издательство: Artech House Publishers

This unique new book offers you a comprehensive understanding of secure Internet messaging, and brings together all the relevant and critical information you need to use PGP and S/MIME-compliant software for your projects. It explores the conceptual and technical approaches followed by the developers of both PGP and S/MIME, and gives you a thorough treatment of the latest and most-effective technologies for secure messaging. The book teaches you how to use cryptographic techniques to secure messaginginfrastructures and applications, and examines the differences between two competing standard trck protocols for secure messaging on the Internet. Ideal for security and network managers, as well as professional system and network administrators, this easy-to-understand book provides you with the knowledge needed to evaluate the current state-of-the-art in Internet-based secure messaging with confidence.

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