Обложка книги Programming Microsoft Windows Ce .Net

Programming Microsoft Windows Ce .Net

ISBN: 0735618844; 9780735618848;
Издательство: Microsoft Press
Страниц: 1224

This practical, authoritative, popular reference title--now in its third edition--shows developers how to design sleek, high-performance applications for the newest generation of smart devices such as the Pocket PC. Readers learn the basics of event-driven development and discover how to tackle the intricacies of the modular, compact Windows CE .NET architecture. The book examines platform-specific programming considerations and shows how to use techniques for handling memory, storage, and power constraints. It also dives into serial, network, and RAPI communications, advances reader skills with modules, processes, and threads, and demonstrates how to build or modify code to meet the requirements of devices such as the Pocket PC. With this resource, readers discover XML Web services and get expert advice on debugging.

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