Обложка книги Creating Web Graphics for Dummies

Creating Web Graphics for Dummies

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ISBN: 0764525956; 9780764525957;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

* The only starter guide on Web graphics that covers static images, such as buttons and banners, as well as photos, animation, and video * Written for beginning Web page designers who don't have a graphic design background * Features step-by-step instruction to help first-time designers learn the tricks to making Web graphics come out perfectly * Includes instructions on creating and placing animated GIFs, digital photos, Flash animations, and digital video on a Web page * Coauthor Bud Smith is the bestselling author of Creating Web Pages For Dummies, Sixth Edition (0-7645-1643-4), which has sold more than 500,000 copies in all editions * CD-ROM contains trial versions of popular graphics software: Adobe's Photoshop Elementsand Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, and JASC's Paintshop Pro, plus sample clip art and examples from the book