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Christopher Kush

Cybercitizen: How to Use Your Computer to Fight for ALL the Issues You Care About

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ISBN: 0312263058
Издательство: St. Martin's Press
The Internet's ability to break down barriers, connect people, and amass information is unparalleled and unprecedented. Perhaps the Internet's most important promise lies in its ability to re-connect American citizens with their government. Using the World Wide Web, anyone can now research issues, track legislation, and lobby the halls of Congress. It is easier than ever before to reach out to others who share your views and create a unified voice that legislators cannot ignore. Cybercitizen is a practical, nonpartisan guide that cuts through the glut of useless information on the Internet and connects you with the people, the organizations, and the information that power America's government. Get online and become a force for change! Cybercitizen includes: * Insightful explanations of the new and powerful ways that online Americans can influence their lawmakers. * Comprehensive listings of the best political, government, and news sites on the World...