Обложка книги How to Be a Successful Online Student

How to Be a Successful Online Student

ISBN: 0071365125;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade

According to the National Center for Education Statistics more than 85% of public universities offer non-residential “distance learning” courses, degrees, or career credentials. New virtual training institutes pop up every day with convenient online career certification options in business, computers, e-commerce, financial services, and health services. Most books on distance learning merely list accredited colleges and universities offering degrees and certifications. How to Be a Successful Online Student provides the nuts and bolts of how distance learning really works and shows readers how to fully exploit online learning tools, opportunities, and resources, including: Expert advice on which subjects are perfect foronline study The essential tools needed including hardware and software Advice on how to become a cracker-jack cyber student with tips on setting up an independent study schedule and sticking with it How to combine...