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Bruce Maxwell

How to Find Health Information on the Internet (1st Ed)

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ISBN: 1568022719
Издательство: Congressional Quarterly Books
New diseases, new treatments, potential breakthroughs, new health care delivery systems. Everything is changing so quickly in health care today. And the huge growth in the Internet is revolutionizing the way consumers learn about health issues. With the thousands of free health-related Internet sites now available, people need help finding reliable information that can help them stay well and battle any illnesses that strike them or their loved ones. That's what makes How to Find Health Information onthe Internet so invaluable. Its descriptions of more than 600 of the best health-related Web sites, mailing lists, and Usenet newsgroups make it the most complete, reliable, and up-to-date guide available. Using How to Find Health Information on the Internet, readers can learn how to stay healthy, how to investigate specific illnesses, and how to find online support from others who suffer the same illness--or can use the book as a broad survey of what health information is available...