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Pamela Boyer Porter, National Genealogical Society, Amy Johnson Crow

Online Roots: How to Discover Your Family's History and Heritage With the Power of the Internet

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ISBN: 1401600212
Издательство: Rutledge Hill Press
Researching family history is the second most popular topic on the Internet (after sex). In Online Roots , Pamela Boyer Porter, a Certified Genealogical Records Specialist, explains how to search effectively on the Internet, how to assess the value of what you find, and the best way to make full use of the resources of the Internet to trace your family's history and heritage. Topics covered include: Judging your sources Checking modern lists and resources Finding clues to primarysources Researching military records When an ancestor has a criminal record Locating photographs on the web Researching on the Internet can be fun and challenging. Online Roots makes your search more effective and creative.