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Tom Bentley

Safe Computing : How to Protect Your Computer, Your Body, Your Data, Your Money and Your Privacy in the Information Age

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ISBN: 0966994965
Издательство: UnTechnical Press
Viruses, hackers, fraud, crashes, eyestrain, data loss, aching wrists, identity theft . . . These are but a few of the horror stories that are part of the world of computers. But here, in this clear, easy-to-read book, is all the information you needto keep yourself and your property safe. Chapter Summaries and Action Sheets for each subject help you evaluate your needs, make a plan and take action to protect yourself, your computer, your money and your data. This book includes a free bonus CD-ROM filled with lots of software for both Macintosh and Windows, that puts your computer to work to help protect you and your property. You?ll learn: * How to protect and back up your data * How to avoid aches, pains and repetitive stress injuries * How to protect your computer from viruses, worms and Trojan horses * How to foil hackers and identity thieves * How to protect yourself from theft and fraud * How to preserve our personal privacy while...