Обложка книги Treatment regimes of South African Chiropractors

Treatment regimes of South African Chiropractors

ISBN: 978-3-6391-9593-4;

Chiropractic treatment is comprised of over a hundred different techniques used worldwide, each with its own methods and even philosophies. Some include manipulation, and some do not. So what is Chiropractic if it doesn't have it's own unique, and fundamental technique in the treatment of muskuloskeletal disorders? This book provides an overview of what types of Chiropractic methods are being used by Chiropractors in South Africa as compared to Chiropractors from other countries. A demographic profile of these professionals is also provided, as well as the perceived effectiveness of the techniques being used.This study opens up the question of how we can standardise levels of Chiropractic care, and thus carve a niche for Chiropractors world wide, allowing a greater understanding and acceptance of the profession as a whole.

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