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Marcus Franda

China and India Online: The Politics of Information Technology in the World's Largest Nations

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ISBN: 0742519465
Издательство: Rowman & Littlefield (Non NBN)
"China and India Online is the first book-length comparison of the politics and diplomacy of information technology (IT) development in the two most populous nations. By tracing the growth of the Internet in these countries--with regard to technical standards, management and government issues, and commercial and legal frameworks--Marcus Franda explores the rivalry between China and India in their quests for increased international power. Franda sees both nations as test cases for the growth of a robust global Internet regime and compares their priority levels for IT development vis-?-vis other technology policy areas such as energy security, space exploration, and missile defense. An accessible and interesting mix of international communication, IT and policy, history, and politics, this book provides key insights into two nations with considerable potential for future economic, diplomatic, and political expansion."