Обложка книги Finding Your Roots Online (FINDING YOUR ROOTS ONLINE)

Finding Your Roots Online (FINDING YOUR ROOTS ONLINE)

ISBN: 1558706356;
Издательство: Betterway Books

While other guidebooks to online genealogy provide a multitude of Web sites, none of them tells readers how to use and analyze the sites themselves. Finding Your Roots Online is the first to offer readers a step-by-step reference, using real examples, for using the Internet effectively in genealogical research. Nancy Hendrickson's structured, easy-to-follow approach covers the basics of sound genealogical research, then launches readers online armed with the proper tools for getting the most success with the least amount of frustration. They'll learn how to get the most out of Internet resources and recognize when a research problem can't be solved online. Nancy Hendrickson is a contributing editor to Family Tree Magazine and author of the self-published electronic book How To Find More Ancestors Through Online Networking. Nancy has fifteen years of experience with online genealogy and is the publisher and editor of Internet Genealogy, a free electronic...