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Erika E. Hargesheimer, Osvaldo Conio, Jarka Popovicova, Crs Proaqua

Online Monitoring for Drinking Water Utilities

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ISBN: 1583211837
Издательство: American Water Works Association
Drinking water providers often purchase and implement new online monitoring instrumentation using a trial-and-error approach. Up to now, no comprehensive single source of information has existed about online monitoring technology in drinking water systems. Now, one book provides complete information about vailable online monitoring technologies for the drinking water industry: Online Monitoring for Drinking Water Utilities It covers all aspects of the selection and use of real-time online monitors in water treatment systems: ? available online monitoring instruments for source water, water treatment, and distribution systems ? equipment operating parameters, applications, installation locations, maintenance, training requirements, and purchasing specifications ? whether online monitoring, traditional grab-sample methods, or a combination, are preferable for your application ? where, in your water system, online monitoring instruments would...