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Janet Ward Schofield, Ann Locke Davidson, Janet W. Schofield, Ann L. Davidson

Bringing the Internet to School: Lessons from an Urban District

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ISBN: 0787956864, 9780787956868
Издательство: Jossey-Bass
Bringing the Internet to School presents the results of one of the first comprehensive studies of Internet-implementation in K-12 schools. Based on the information gleaned from this groundbreaking study, two experts in the field of high-technologyand schools, Janet Ward Schofield and Ann Locke Davidson, examine the myriad issues that arise when the Internet is introduced into the classroom. This important book reveals the positive and negative consequences that Internet use has on classroom equity, academics, and social life. For example, while Internet access often changes student-teacher roles and relationships in positive ways and gives students new, exciting, and useful source for information and feedback, it also provides students with a tempting distraction from their studies and can exacerbate inequities in the classroom. Throughout the book, the authors illuminate the ways in which the existing culture and structure of schools shape Internet use, the ways students' and...
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