Обложка книги Creating the Virtual Classroom: Distance Learning with the Internet

Creating the Virtual Classroom: Distance Learning with the Internet

ISBN: 0471178306; 9780471178309;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 288

Whether it's simply a class on telecommunications and education, a full-blown M.B.A. degree program, or something in between, today's technology has vast implications for the educational community. Creating the Virtual Classroom gets right down to the real issues of the design and management of distance learning programs -giving practical advice on putting together effective courses and programs. You'll find out how to propose, plan, and fund a distance learning program for any level from kindergarten through college. You'll learn all of the techniques you'll need to evaluate and advertise your program. There's in-depth coverage of all the latest technologies, including the Internet and the Web, as well as an illuminating chapter on reconceptualizing education and training through distance learning. Special appendices offer up-to-date information about newsgroups and mailing lists, instructional Web sites, online resources for grants and proposals, and much more. ...

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