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Heidi Schweizer

Designing and Teaching an On-Line Course: Spinning Your Web Classroom

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ISBN: 0205303218
Издательство: Pearson Education
Research-based with practical applications, this material has been created for both the novice and experienced instructor. Readers will receive helpful, step-by-step advice and detailed examples that will assist in the development of distance education and "virtual interaction." Written by an expert, this book offers a practical, applicable, hands-on approach that takes you--whether a novice or have some experience--through all the steps of high-quality course development, on-line teaching, and on-line assessment. It will help with the design and teaching of a course that is performance based, performance assessed, and collaborative (and not merely the "Remember all this and regurgitate it on demand" type of course that is all too prevalent). Throughout, you'll see actual examples from successfully-developed on-line courses, so you can more easily bridge the gap between theory and practice. The book begins with a helpful, concise summary of the...