Обложка книги Distance Education: What Works Well

Distance Education: What Works Well


ISBN: 0789022877;
Издательство: Haworth Press

Don?t start from scratch! Learn what works?and what doesn?t?in providing education to off-campus students! This unique compilation presents practical advice on how to set up distance learning programs that effectively serve the needs of students who don?t have access to the campus. The book examines issues surrounding development, implementation, teacher training, time management, and other important aspects of distance education. Distance Education: What Works Well brings you lessons garnered from real-life experiences at several institutions to help you explore the pros and cons of distance education?and what it takes to implement a distance program that really works. In the first half of Distance Education: WhatWorks Well you?ll examine: the development of a digital high school?from the early stages through "rookie camp" experiences practical recommendations on how to design successful online high school programs what...