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James E. Schwartz, Robert J. Beichner

Essentials of Educational Technology: (Part of the Essentials of Classroom Teaching Series)

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ISBN: 0205277004
Издательство: Pearson Education
Nowadays, technology infiltrates every aspect of our lives. Computers are altering and often improving the ways in which we do nearly everything. And, not surprisingly, there are many effective ways to use the new technology in the classroom as well. This book describes those ways. This clear, concise book discusses the integration of computer use into the curriculum. Presenting the material as an integrated whole, the authors encourage readers to think about the enormous power and potential of technology with its ability to change the way we think and learn. The book relates the material to every major curriculum area, offering accompanying activities and ideas for readers. And this book also prepares readers to anticipate and prevent unwanted, negative effects of technology. The World Wide Web is discussed in great length as well. Teachers of computers and technology.
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