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Internet Art (World of Art)

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ISBN: 0500203768; 978-0-500-20376-7;
Издательство: Thames & Hudson
Страниц: 224

The diverse forms of Internet art and the tools and equipment used to create them are discussedand placed within the wider cultural context. When the Internet emerged as a mass global communication network in the mid-1990s, artists immediatelyrecognized the exciting possibilities for creative innovation that came with it. After a century of unprecedented artistic experimentation, individuals and groups were quick to use the new technologies to question and radically redefine the conventions of art, and to tackle some of the most pressing social, political, and ethical issues of the day. Covering email art, Web sites, artist-designed software, and projects that blur the boundaries between art and design, product development, political activism, and communication, Internet Art shows how artists have employed online technologies to engage with the traditions of art history, to create new forms of art, and to move into fields of activity normally beyond the artistic...