Обложка книги Net Mode: Web Fashion Now

Net Mode: Web Fashion Now

ISBN: 050028380X;
Издательство: Thames & Hudson

The Internet provides an ideal and ever-expanding medium for high fashion. Unlike so many other products, casualties of recent e-commerce, fashion's primary appeal is fantastical rather than material. It depends on promotion, aspiration, and desire, and the Internet provides full access to pictures and techniques that create fashion's fantasy. Laird Borrelli identifies the sites that are most effective for the established designers, but also those that make an immediate impact from a small or previously nonexistent base. Illustrated with exciting visual sequences throughout, Net Mode crystallizes a complex subject into three main themes: ? Fashion Image: Designer sites, from Dior to Lacroix, generate desire through fantasy. Among the most beautifully designed sites on the Web, they often make heavy use of Java and Flash technology, as well as being audio- and video-enhanced. ? Fashion Sale: The emphasis here is on cyberboutiques, ranging from Colette in Paris to...