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Wolfgang Christian, Mario Belloni, W. Christian

Physlet Physics: Interactive Illustrations, Explorations and Problems for Introductory Physics

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ISBN: 0131019694
Издательство: Pearson Education
Страниц: 352
By now it is hard to imagine an instructor who has not heard the call to "teach with technology," as it has resounded through educational institutions and government agencies alike over the past several years. However, teaching with technology has often resulted in the use of technology for technology's sake and also often resulted in the development of tools that are not pedagogically sound. For example, consider PowerPoint lectures, which are a popular response to the "teach with technology" push. While PowerPoint lectures are more colorful, they are generally no more interactive than chalkboard lectures. The physics community has, to its credit, worked to use technology in a variety of highly interactive and effective ways including wireless classroom response systems that allow for in-class quizzing of students and MBLs (microcomputer-based laboratories) that free students from the drudgery of data collection so that they can spend more time understanding the underlying physical...
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