Обложка книги Writing the Information Superhighway

Writing the Information Superhighway


ISBN: 020519575X;
Издательство: Pearson Education

This book is designed to acquaint readers with the wide variety of information available via computer networks, with the tools for accessing that information, with the means for searching and selecting, as well as with the traditional ways of puttingthat information to use in serving the writer's purpose and in addressing the writer's audience. The book focuses on activities that predominate in cyberspace?manipulating text, communicating one on one, communicating in groups, finding and using resources, and constructing texts online. The book employs numerous writing to learn, narrative, analysis, and argumentation writing projects that lead readers through the various stages of the writing process?invention, drafting, peer editing,and electronic publication. In addition, the book offers advice, techniques, and activities to help bridge the gap between the principles and concepts familiar to readers in traditional writing situations and those principles and...