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Joe West, Paul Jofe, Ken Leebow

300 Incredible Things for Seniors on the Internet

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ISBN: 1930435045
Издательство: 300incredible.com
Incredible things for seniors . . . Seniors are logging on to the Internet in droves, and this book has been created especially for this group of users. With over one billion total Web pages, the Internet can be an intimidating place. That is why we have provided information that quickly leads you to the best the Web has to offer. You'll find tutorials, health and financial resources, travel information, shopping and consumer protection sites, games, free services, educational sites and much more. This book, (as well as 300 Incredible Things to Do on the Internet and other books in the series), serves as an invaluable resource. Buy copies for yourself, friends and family members. Together, you can all use the Internet to learn, have fun and get things done.
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