Обложка книги A Guide to Online Dating

A Guide to Online Dating

ISBN: 1928973523;
Издательство: Replica Books

Tired of waiting for the sweetie of your life to accidentally bump into your grocery cart at Safeway®? Still expecting your soulmate to saunter into Starbucks® any morning now? There's no need to wait any longer because everything you need is right at your fingertips. A Guide To Online Dating can show you the way. With hundreds of first-hand accounts from men and women who have gone online, A Guide To Online Dating responds to all those questions you wonder about but don't know who to ask.What do you do when your ad gets no responses? What questions should you be sure to ask your e-friend? How can you tell if you're being deceived? When do you give your e-pal your phone number or address? What about your own fantasies?how do these get in your way online? When is it right to not respond to someone's email? What if you're disappointed when you meet in person? Should you try online dating if you're married? Just how do you go from virtual to real love? A Guide To...

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