Обложка книги Doing Time Online

Doing Time Online


ISBN: 0807559598;
Издательство: Albert Whitman & Company

Twelve-year-old Mitchell got involved with the wrong kid this past summer, and the prank they played led to an elderly woman?s injury. Now he finds himself at the police station?his "sentence" is to chat online with a nursing home resident twice a week for the next month. Mitch isn?t thrilled; what could he and some "old" person possibly talk about? But Mitch?s new online friend has a personality all her own. Her name is Wootie Hayes, and she has plenty to talk about: how she gother name, how much she misses her own home, and how she detests bingo. But she also wants to know about Mitch?s situation. Without expecting it, they help each other face the truth and begin a new friendship in the process.

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