Обложка книги Get on With It: The Gay and Lesbian Guide to Getting Online

Get on With It: The Gay and Lesbian Guide to Getting Online

ISBN: 0553069349;
Издательство: Broadway Books

From an overview of how the Internet works--including a primer on computer communication and explanations of how providers like America Online, CompuServe, Microsoft Network, and the many lesser-known companies operate--to a savvy insider's evaluation ofthe services available to gay men and lesbians online, Richard Laermer presents a definitive survey of what's happening in queer cyberspace today and how to make the most of it. Get On With It describes how to meet people with common interests,find information on health and other personal issues, keep up with the latest news, learn about travel or drag, and simply do more online. More than 350 World Wide Web sites and other internet access areas are discussed and rated candidly. Learn how to use E-mail uniquely, join newsgroups en masse, get into chat areas, surf the Net for outrageous and unpredictable sites, and where to go "off-line." Such controversial matters as pornography, privacy, and censorship are also investigated...