Обложка книги HealthWatch 2000

HealthWatch 2000


ISBN: 0966935608;
Издательство: Innovative Health Concepts, Inc

1999 has finally arrived...and with it the Y2K crisis. You may be concerned about your bank account, but the real threat is to your family's health. The critical industries: utilities, healthcare, food supplies, transportation and pharmaceuticals are allat risk. According to both government and private reports these industries are likely to experience major disruptions and the result could be a critical threat to the health of American families. To help families prepare for this potential catastrophe. Dr. Ted Chandler, Professor Emeritus of Medicine at Wake Forest University has written "HealthWatch 2000, How to Protect Your Family's Health During the Coming Y2K Crisis". This practical manual takes you through the critical steps necessary to safeguard the health of your family. It also includes a 31 page workbook to help organize your preparations. Don't let New Years Eve 2000 catch you off guard!