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Gloria Skurzynski, Alane Ferguson

Over The Edge : Mysteries In Our National Parks #7 (Mysteries in Our National Parks, 7)

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ISBN: 0792266862
Издательство: National Geographic
Wildlife veterinarian Olivia Landon has been asked to help find the source of the lead shotgun pellets that are poisoning the few remaining California condors in Grand Canyon National Park. After she announces a plan, Olivia receives a death threat onher laptop. The plot soon thickens to involve the Landon kids, Jack and Ashley, and the family?s temporary ward?15-year-old Morgan Rogers, a rebellious self-proclaimed anarchist and computer buff. Tension mounts when the e-mail threat is almostcarried out and Morgan is the only witness. The following investigation leads readers on a trip through Morgan?s cyberworld connections and builds to a thrilling conclusion.